Rules and regulations for a vacation accommodations

  • Under no circumstance may people not on the original lease stay at the rental. In the case of recieving visitors not on the lease, the leasee must notify the owner with advance notice to recieve their consent. (notifying does not exempt the leasee of following the other rules).
    Visitors may not stay at the rental after 22hrs (10pm), nor before 11hrs (11am). Never exceed the maximum capacity of the rental for which it is equiped and set.
  • When ending your stay, everything should be in the same condition as it was at the time of your arrival. In the case of any damage, alteration or relocation of the rental, the amount will be deducted from the deposit. Any damage to the rental or common areas (if it were to occur) will be paid in full by the leasee.
  • The restroom or bathroom is to be used exclusivey by the guests on the lease.
  • Taking care of and respecting all common areas is everyones responsability ( leasees and visitors). Leasees are directly responsible for actions taken by visitors. Do not leave clothes drying, bags, trash or other objects that don’t belong in the common areas (benches, parking lot, gates, …)
  • Parking spaces are exclusively for the housing community. There is parking allowed for one vehicle per accomidation. Never park taking more than one space. Please respect the other vehicles that are using the parking spaces.
  • Keys must be returned at the end of your stay.
  • We DO NOT include a dishwasher in the rental price. If any household goods are used, they must be left in the same state in which they were found (washed and clean).
  • Under no circumstance should the accomodation be left excessively dirty. That is why there are cleaning supplies.


Your pet welcome, we love animals!!

  • For everyones coexistence, your pet must have all its documents and vaccinations up to date. Under no circumstance should they habitually be left unattended and unsupervised, only on the rare ocassion. Pets should never use the linens that are there for peoples use because of higene (towels,sheets,pillows,comforters, …).
  • Owners must be responsible of their pets behavior (no excessive barking that can bother the neighbors. Also pee, poop or any type of damage to the accomodation or common areas, …) Living in harmony with neighbors (human and other pets).
  • In the case of any damage done to the accomodation or common area, the cost of the repairs will be the sole responsability of the leasee and the pets owner. What we want is for all of the neighbors and their pets to abide by the same rules.



  • For your reservation to be confirmed, you must put down a deposit of 100 euros. This deposit will be held in case there is any damage to the accomodation. In that case, the ammount will be deducted from the deposit. If there is no damage or infractions, the entire amount, (100 euros) will be deposited via bank account. The leasee must also put a 100 euros downpayment of the lease total that will serve as a reservation. The remainder of the lease total will be paid (in cash) when they are handed the keys. IN THE CASE OF A CANCELLATION, THE DOWNPAYMENT WILL BE RETURNED, BUT THE DEPOSIT WILL NOT (UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE).
  • The keys of the accomodation will never be handed over without first having paid the total lease amount and facilitated the DNI ( ID, passport) of all leasees over 18 years of age

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